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  • UK Services Economy Follows Manufacturing Into Negative Territory

    Britain’s economy, whilst varied, has long relied on a number of key sectors to keep it functioning for society. With the general decline of manufacturing (which currently accounts for a not inconsiderable 10% of GDP), the services industry has grown to become the UK’s calling card to the world, accounting...
  • Three More Ways Britain Could Trade with the World Post-Brexit

    Following the June 23rd referendum which sealed the UK’s future outside of the European Union, much attention has been turned to the subject of trade between the UK and the rest of the world. Without the comfort blanket of free trade with Europe, the UK will soon be adrift in...
  • Trading in the World Post-Brexit

    With the UK now examining its trade options in a soon-to-be post-Brexit environment, all eyes are towards Mrs May and her team of negotiators. It’s clear that if Britain’s manufacturing industry is to survive we need to develop a plan for trade with the entire world, and that means Europe...
  • Manufacturing Falls at Fastest Rate in Years

    Over the course of the Brexit debates, the manufacturing industry became nothing short of a political football. Both sides claimed that manufacturing would be stronger, but as with all things Brexit, it was more ‘wait and see’ than anything concrete. Results from June indicated that manufacturing was doing just fine...
  • UK Manufacturing Continues Recovery in June

    The fate and future of Britain’s manufacturing industry has been a topic of much debate over the last few months, but that doesn’t mean the market itself has been questioning its own future. Indeed, a new survey of manufacturers has found that in the month of the EU referendum, the...
  • How Could Your Business Benefit from Custom Fittings?

    Running a manufacturing business is trying, even at the best of times. With Brexit looming and an uncertain future on the cards for the United Kingdom, it’s become ever more crucial to make the right decisions surrounding your business. That might mean negotiating new, longer contracts for your existing clients...
  • Tata Could Keep Port Talbot Steel Plant

    After what has been a long, fraught and very public sale process of selling off their UK steel production businesses, the public might well be pleased to see the back of Tata Steel. However, if the latest rumours prove to be true, it could be that Tata keep their Port...
  • How Might Brexit Affect UK Manufacturing?

    The forthcoming EU referendum is, for a lot us, about a great many things. It’s become a lightning rod for dissatisfaction with economic performance, immigration, sovereignty issues and countless other topics which have all spilled over during this protracted debate period. We’ve seen countless issues kicked around by both sides...
  • EEF Suggest Manufacturing Could Recover Post-Referendum

    As if the government didn’t have enough to worry about with the unknown outcome of the EU referendum, they’re having to deal with the twin crisis of the British steel industry and our home-grown manufacturing industry. Whilst the issue of British steel is moving from a search for owners towards...
  • Tata Complete Sale to Greybull, Reviving British Steel.

    After a long, somewhat drawn out and certainly quite nerve wracking process, Tata Steel have finally offloaded their long products business to Greybull Capital. It’s a deal that will not only sale 4,400 jobs in Scunthorpe, but will revive a name long since retired – British Steel. Talks between the...

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