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  • Tidal power scheme backs UK engineering

    17 Feb 2015

    A possibility to use the “power of the tide” to generate environmentally friendly energy in a £1bn project will give British engineering companies the opportunity to place a major role in the production of the turbines as reported by Alan Tovey, Industry Editor – The Telegraph.   The power is generated using 16 wind turbines by using the rise and fall of the tide, as the tide rises they spin, generating power, as water flows through them and fills up the lagoon.  The process is then reversed when the tide turns.

    This would be of benefit not only to the UK engineering industry but also the South Wales Economy as confirmed by Stephen Crabb, Secretary of State for Wales, saying: “This project, if planning consent is granted, has the potential to transform the South Wales economy by creating hundreds of jobs and countless supply chain opportunities for local businesses across the region.

    “It would also help secure our nation’s energy future.”

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