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The Benefits of Stainless Steel in Hose Fittings

The use of stainless steel in hose fittings and adapters has many advantages. In fact, before you purchase any type of hose fitting or adaptor for any kind of work or project you’re undertaking, it’s wise to first check the materials used as well as how it’s manufactured. Both will have a huge impact on the quality of the product you’re left with.

So how do these advantages play out practically, and why is stainless steel so important when it comes to hose fittings?

Stainless steel naturally provides excellent resistance to things like corrosion and fire, changes in temperature, mechanical jolts and ultraviolet rays. On top of that, it’s durable, rust free and incredibly easy to maintain. Stainless Steel can be more expensive initially than brass or mild steel, however more often than not the lifespan and functionality of the product will far outweigh the initial investment.

1. It's durable in extreme temperatures.

Stainless steel can endure extreme temperature changes. Cheaper metals tend to contract or expand with subtle changes to heat - something that can, after a while, begin to cause you major problems such as leaks and malfunction errors. While it’s true that all metals are affected by heat, stainless steel is one of the strongest and most resistant of all, and should certainly be your metal of choice should you be building or working in a warm or cold environment, or somewhere that is prone to significant changes in temperature.

2. It's a tough nut to crack!

If you need a material to work in an area where there is the risk of mechanical shocks and jolts, stainless steel has a reputation for being incredibly strong and able to absorb shocks without stressing or moving too much. So naturally, it’s an ideal choice for many different kinds of hose fittings and adaptors.

3. It's the metal for the outdoors.

Most metals are prone to rust and degradation which is where stainless steel really comes into its own. Obviously, the cost saving benefits of having a metal that doesn't degrade or require any maintenance is clear, but the added bonus of not having to worry about rust is what makes it a clear winner - particularly surrounding any installations where hygiene might be a factor.

4. It doesn’t harbour germs.

Speaking of hygiene, this moves us rather neatly onto our next point - that stainless steel does not harbour germs. Stainless steel is non-porous, which means it resists bacteria and other germs more effectively than a host of other materials. This is the same reason your foods will be safe and untainted if they pass through hygienic hose fittings hence their extreme popularity in kitchens and food and beverage processing factories.

If you’re interested in hose fittings, JIC Fittings or any custom fittings, visit our website today. We stock a vast range of stainless steel fittings and also manufacture our own here on site. We also ship worldwide, and our neighbours here in the UK can take advantage of super fast delivery at no extra cost.

Customer Reviews

"Custom Fittings are a 1st tier supplier to GS Hydro for stainless steel high and low pressure hydraulic components. For over 20 years Custom Fittings have been our preferred supplier due to the high ..." Chris Hargreaves, Managing Director - GS Hydro UK

We have been using Custom Fittings for many years now, they offer fantastic customer service as well as top of the range products. We could not recommend them more highly and will continue to use them..." James Tidy, Director - Tidyco Ltd

"Custom Fittings have been the number one supplier for stainless steel fittings to Fluid Power Services for over 25 years now.In the early years our requirements were for standard off the shelf parts ..." Anthony Smith, Sales Director - Fluid Power Services Ltd

Custom Fittings provide us with a fast, efficient supply of top quality Stainless Steel fittings and valuable assistance with problem solving and special order parts." Colin Leonard, British Aerospace Engineer

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